Single stage universal type products in series
Single stage basic type products in series
Double stage universal type products in series
Double stage basic type products in series
FCL type flexible pin clutch coupling
L type flexible quincunx coupling
L type flexible quincunx coupling
WD series double shafts type
ADD:NO.36,Xinzhen Road Yipeng Zhen Xiaoshan,Hangzhou,Zhejiang.
TEL :0571-82162678 82166788
      Hangzhou HengWei speed reducer limited company is an export enterprise. The mainly products of the company are “HengWei” brand worm gear speed reducer, “FC” brand in series speed reducer, CL type in series flexible pin clutch coupling, SW type quincunx coupling. With 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing worm gear speed reducer, and technical cooperation with America, Japan and Italy, and operating the quality assurance system set up according to ISO9002 mode, Our company promise that all our products are carried out with normative requirement from purchasing the material to the after service. 80 percent of products of our company are exported to more than 20 foreign countries such as North America, Japan and Northeast Asia etc.
      Innovating endlessly and never being satisfied are the two eternal main subjects of “HengWei”. Our company uses mordent science and technology means. All the products are all designed by CAD and manufactured by CAPP craftworks. Using “modularization and series” design originality, we can assemble more than 2000 kinds of the speed reducers. According to any requirement of users and the request of position of assembly we also can assemble the speed reducers conveniently in multi-directions to make users satisfy as possible as we can.
      With steadiness, innovation, factualism and leading the trend, “HengWei” are full of confidence.
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